Dharura Fasta

Dharura Fasta is a micro health insurance product that offers evacuation during medical emergencies. Through Dharura Fasta, members are evacuated from home to health care facility and from a lower level health care facility to a higher-level health care facility when government ambulances are not available

Dharura Fasta is designed to address the four major delays that occur when a person is trying to access health care services during a medical emergency. The delays are;

  1. Patient deciding to receive medical care
  2. Arranging for transportation to the nearest health care facility
  3. Transportation to the health care facility and
  4. Receiving medical attention at the health care facilities

Dharura Fasta is targeting all Tanzanians, especially those residing in rural and remote areas. Acknowledging the unique needs of pregnant women and children regarding emergency evacuation, Dharura Fasta design has ensured that special attention is paid to them and access to service is made easier.

The whole Dharura Fasta model takes into consideration existing infrastructures at both government and community level. The same is done while handling emergency evacuations.

During emergency evacuations; (a) A trained Community Health Worker (CHW) assumes the role of the first responder, (b) Health Care Facility professionals offer guidance to CHW on various relevant issues including how to stabilize the patient if that is required and possible (c) Contracted private transport providers evacuate patient when ambulances are not available.


Since January 2017, Dharura Fasta has been successfully implemented in the districts of Rungwe and Busokelo in Mbeya Region and in Mbozi district in Songwe Region. From January 2020, Dharura Fasta will be introduced to Ileje district in Songwe region.

To manage Dharura Fasta, HIMSO formed the Community Health Users’ Associations (CHuA), formerly Community Health Fund Users’ Association (CHFuA). CHuA operates as an independent entity and is community based, run and managed. There is one CHuA in each council that implements Dharura Fasta. Regarding Dharura Fasta, CHuAs are responsible for general day to day management of Dharura Fasta with the technical and financial support from HIMSO.

As of January 2020, notable achievements for Dharura Fasta include;

  • 147 Community Health Workers have been trained on first aid, identification of health danger signs, and the evacuation process for emergency cases.
  • 202 private transport providers have been contracted to provide referral services.
  • 1,055 patients have been evacuated, including 936 pregnant women and 24 newborn babies.
  • More than 10,000 individuals have been enrolled into Dharura Fasta as individual members.

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