Governmental Organization (NGO), registered under NGO act since July, 2012 with registration no. 00NGO/00005718. The registration is done under the umbrella of the Ministry of Community Development, Gender and Children as approved by the Ministry of Health and Social welfare, that HIMSO as other NGOs will compliment Government’s effort through Public and Private Sectors Partnership (PPP) in the provision of health services to the Tanzanian people.

The main objective of HIMSO is to support the community through health programs interventions and set up technical expertise for the development of social protection, particularly to the micro health insurance institutions. It is governed by the Board members and managed by the management team.

History of HIMSO
The French Centre International de Development et de Recherché (CIDR) started a Self-Managed Health Insurance Scheme (SMHIS) program in 2002 in Mbozi district in the Mbeya region and extended to Kyela in 2010 with the Improved Community health Insurance Fund (CHIF). After 10 years of effective and successful collaborative health insurance innovations in Tanzania, in 2012 CIDR formed HIMSO to lead and promote micro health insurance best practices and innovations, which include providing technical support to District Councils for the professional management and administration of the Community Health