Improved Community Health Fund (iCHF)

Improved Community Health Fund (iCHF) is a voluntary community-based financing scheme in which households pay contributions to finance part of their basic health care services to compliment the government health financing efforts. Community Health Fund was established by the government of Tanzania through Act number 1 of Community Health Fund of 2001.

An improved version has been implemented countrywide since 2018 with the following key improvements;

  • Adoption of the Purchaser Provider Split (PPS) model
  • Managed at regional level through the Regional Administrative Secretary’s office
  • Dedicated staff at regional and district levels
  • Access to services at all public and private contracted health care facilities within a region one registered in
  • Annual policy that covers a family of up to six people at a premium of TZS 30,000

HIMSO’s interventions on iCHF started in 2002 through Center for International Development and Research (CIDR). CIDR introduced the Self-Managed Health Insurance Scheme (SMHIS) in Mbozi district (then Mbeya region).

As of June 2020, HIMSO is an iCHF implementing partner to Songwe region. Through this partnership, HIMSO provides financial and technical support to the region to professionally manage iCHF.


At national level, HIMSO participates through the national iCHF task force that is managed by the Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Senior and Children and the ministry of the Presidents’ Office – Regional Administration and Local Government. The iCHF task force provides technical and financial support to the government for the implementation of iCHF in the country.

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