The French Centre International de Development et de Recherché (CIDR) started a Self-Managed Health Insurance Scheme (SMHIS) program in 2002 in Mbozi district in the Mbeya region and extended to Kyela in 2010 with the Improved Community health Insurance Fund (CHIF). After 10 years of effective and successful collaborative health insurance innovations in Tanzania, in 2012 CIDR formed HIMSO to lead and promote micro health insurance best practices and innovations, which include providing technical support to District Councils for the professional management and administration of the Community Health Fund (CHF) schemes.

CIDR is a French based NGO with 50 years’ experience in implementing development projects in Africa. Its goal is to contribute to a sustainable and equitable growth for the benefit of the populations. CIDR is specialized in inclusive finance, agricultural value chain development, health financing and management systems, and support to decentralization processes. Innovation, partnership with local institutions and knowledge management aimed at disseminating innovations are at the center of CIDR’s approach. Since 30 years, CIDR has designed and managed innovative micro-health insurance programs in West and East Africa.

HIMSO “Health Insurance and Management Services Organization” a Tanzanian local NGO registered since July, 2012 to compliment the Government’s efforts in improving the health status of Tanzanians. Currently, HIMSO with backstopping from the French Centre International de Développement et de Recherche (CIDR)  is running collaborative community health insurance programmes in Kyela, Rungwe, Mbozi and Busokelo Districts. The programme includes the Improved Community Health Fund (CHIF) and an independent private Emergency Transport Insurance (ETI) product.