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Early Childhood Development

In June 2023 HIMSO partnered with Tanzania Early Childhood Development Network (TECDEN) to promote Early Childhood Development in Songwe Region by influencing change in policies, programs, and practices. This partnership aims to impact children’s holistic development to ensure all children are developmentally on track to reach their full potential.

Dharura Fasta

Dharura Fasta is a micro health insurance product that offers evacuation during medical emergencies. Through Dharura Fasta, members are evacuated from home to health care facility and from a lower level health care facility to a higher-level health care facility when government ambulances are not available

Improved Community Health Fund (iCHF)

Despite the efforts by the government, people in rural areas continue to face major challenges in accessing healthcare services. Access to quality healthcare still remains an issue in Tanzania’s rural setting. Referral systems from villages to health facilities is either missing or costly.

Insuring the Destitute

HIMSO is committed to making microinsurance accessible and affordable to all. Through microinsurance, the low-income households are protected against perils that would have devastating impacts to their livelihoods, and in some extreme cases, their lives.