Welcome to HIMSO

The Health and Insurance Management Services Organization (HIMSO), is a Tanzanian Non-Government Organization (NGO) established and registered in 2012 to complement the government’s effort in providing comprehensive quality healthcare coverage as well as develop and implement innovative insurance solutions to address pressing risk management needs of the low-income households.

HIMSO is driving healthcare enhancement interventions while providing technical expertise for the development of social protection innovations, particularly in micro-insurance through Public Private Partnership (PPP).


Dharura Fasta

A micro-health insurance product that compliments Improved Community Health Fund (iCHF) and offers transport accessibility to low-income communities during medical emergencies. Through Dharura Fasta, members are transported from home to health facility and from a lower to a higher-level healthcare facility when public ambulances are not available.

Dharura Fasta is a community-led intervention designed to bridge the three delays gap (Decision to seek healthcare, Transportation and quality of care) in accessing healthcare. It offers transport accessibility to low-income communities during medical emergencies which guarantees timely decision making to access medical care and ignite demand for quality healthcare.

It addresses the first and second level of delays in reaching healthcare facility during medical emergency and therefore influences to overcome the third level of delay as well.

The Improved Community Health Fund - iCHF

Improved Community Health Fund (iCHF) is a voluntary community-based financing scheme in which households pay contributions to finance part of their basic health care services to compliment the government health financing efforts. Community Health Fund was established by the government of Tanzania through Act number 1 of Community Health Fund of 2001.

Insuring the Destitute

HIMSO is committed to making micro insurance accessible and affordable to all. Through micro insurance, the low-income households are protected against perils that would have devastating impacts to their livelihoods, and in some extreme cases, their lives.


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